JFS Presents to Representatives of German Parliament

Congressman Ted Deutch in his capacity as Co-Chair of the Congressional Study Group on Germany, coordinated with JFS to make a presentation to Representatives of the German Parliament who were in Boca as part of the 33rd Annual Congress-Bundestag Seminar. The JFS delegation included Danielle Hartman, JFS president and CEO; Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, JFS chief development officer/senior VP; Laurie Intondi, LCSW, JFS VP of Senior Services; Howard Horowitz, JFS Director of Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program and Norman Frajman, a local Holocaust survivor representing the organization, Child Survivors/Hidden Children of the Holocaust.

During the presentation, JFS was able to explain how German funding for the Holocaust Claims Conference provides essential services to survivors in our community.

For information on JFS' Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program, contact Howard Horowitz, Program Director, 561.852.3333 or howardh@ralesjfs.org.

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