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For more information about Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services, please call 561-852-3333 or email info@ralesjfs.org.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

CONTACT Cary Scope, LCSW, VP Clinical Services 561-852-3333 or carys@ralesjfs.org

Welcome Home Program:Michelle Sgarlato, MSW, Program Director 561-558-2155 or MichelleS@ralesjfs.org

Food and Financial Assistance

CONTACT Shari Cohen, VP Financial Services & Food Programs 561-852-3333 or shariw@ralesjfs.org

Senior Services

CONTACT Alice Tennis, LISW, VP Senior Services 561-852-3333 or alicet@ralesjfs.org

Holocaust Programs: Howard Horowitz, LCSW, Director, Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program 561-852-3333 or howardh@ralesjfs.org

Carelink Program: Alice Tennis, LISW, VP Senior Services 561-852-3333 or alicet@ralesjfs.org

Volunteer Opportunities - Belford Family Volunteer Department

CONTACT  Nadine Greenberg, Director of Volunteer Engagement 561-852-3357 or nadineg@ralesjfs.org

Career & Employment Services

CONTACT Whitney Cherner, VP Career & Employment Services 561-852-5057 or whitneyc@ralesjfs.org

Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center

CONTACT Risa Demato, VP/Site Director, 561-558-2149 or risad@ralesjfs.org

Donations & Corporate Sponsorship

CONTACT Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, JD, Chief Development Officer, Senior VP 561-852-3333 or cindyn@ralesjfs.org

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