Community Outreach

The Rales JFS Community Outreach Program serves all residents in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, two of the county’s largest and most diverse cities. By working with community partners, including Synagogues, day schools, and other organizations, Outreach team members are Social Workers who bring all Rales JFS programs and services into the community to help families gain access to the available supports as easily and efficiently as possible.

Support Services Include:

  • Case management

  • Counseling

  • Support groups (Click HERE for Support Group schedule)

  • Psychiatric services

  • Senior services

  • Holocaust survivor’s assistance

  • Financial assistance

  • Access to Meals on Wheels and Jacobson Family Food Pantry

  • Assistance with rides, companions and friendly visitors

  • Volunteer programs

  • Educational workshops

For more information: Contact Community Outreach at (561) 852-3333

Community Mentoring Program

Would your child benefit from having someone to talk to about things that are important to them? Someone to join them in one-on-one activities and JFS sponsored group events? Some who can be a consistent, positive role model in their life?

The JFS Community Mentoring Program is a non-sectarian mentoring program serving children and teens from 6-18 years of age that live in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach. Our volunteer mentors are matched with a child who is in need of a role model and friend and would benefit from a long-term, stable relationship from a non-parental adult.

Mentors are carefully screened, including a level 2 criminal background check, motor vehicle driving history, personal references, as well as in-depth personal interviews with professional staff.

Our mentors and mentees meet regularly for a minimum of 4 hours per month and commit to a minimum of one year. Adults share wisdom and experience, listen, motivate and provide a stable adult influence.

Young adults who were considered at-risk, but who have a mentor are:

  • 55% more likely to enroll in college
  • 78% more likely to volunteer
  • 90% interested in becoming a mentor
  • 30% more likely to hold leadership positions

(Statistics provided by National Mentoring Partnership)

For more information: Contact Lisa Cauff, Community Mentoring Program Coordinator O: 561-852-3329 M: 561-945-6934

United Way of Palm Beach County

Domestic Abuse Education & Action

The Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) Domestic Abuse Education & Action Program helps create a centralized place for victims to get the support they need to break the pattern of abuse and begin the journey to recovery.

Support Services Include:

  • Case management

  • Coaching and Safety Planning

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Education and Awareness for Teens and Adults

  • Financial Assistance

  • Information and Referrals

  • Outreach

Programs Include:

TARA: A Workshop for Teens Against Relationship Abuse: Grades 9-12
Offers educational workshops for teens to help educate, refer, and intervene with other teens when they recognize abusive behaviors, while encouraging bystander intervention when abuse occurs. Topics taught include positive self-esteem, empowerment, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, signs of dating abuse, peer and bystander intervention, and help for both the abused and the abuser.

Fresh Start: An Economic and Financial Empowerment Program
Provides a lifeline to domestic abuse survivors with programs to help sustain their mental health balance and offer strength to heal so they can rebuild their lives and careers.

For more information: Contact Domestic Abuse & Action Program at: (561) 852-3333

A special thank you to the Jewish Women’s Foundation of South Palm Beach County for funding this program.

We will use our best efforts to contact you according to your preferences. Please write any special instructions in the Message section below. Your safety remains our utmost concern. If you are unable to communicate at the time we contact you, let us know.

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Disability Inclusion Services

Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) strives to ensure access and meaningful participation by all members of the community. Building an inclusive community is a priority rooted in Jewish values. All people are created, B’tzelem Elohim, in G-ds image, teaching us that people of all abilities are deserving of the same opportunities and respect.

Rales JFS Disability Inclusion Services assists families with individuals with varying needs and abilities.

Support Services Include:

  • Food & Financial Assistance includes but is not limited to:

    • Emergency Financial Assistance
    • Jacobson Family Food Pantry
    • Summer Camp Scholarships
    • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy
    • Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies
    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Supportive Shadows
    • Respite care training program for persons who will work with individuals with disabilities
  • Individual and Family Counseling

  • Informational Referrals

  • Psychiatric Services

  • Psychological Testing Services

  • Support groups for parents, caregivers, siblings (Sibshops) and grandparents

Rales JFS recommends South Palm Beach County Jewish Abilities (JAA) as another resource for families with individuals with varying needs and abilities:

For more information on the Rales JFS Disability Inclusion Services, please call: (561) 852-3333.

Toby and Leon Cooperman
Therapy & Family Resource Center

The Toby and Leon Cooperman Therapy & Family Resource Center (The Cooperman Center) services children with varying needs and abilities from birth to 22 years of age, and their families.

Sometimes a child is not able to meet important developmental milestones. That is where we come in with a variety of customized therapy options, early intervention, support groups, classes, and workshops for the entire family. Our team of experienced professionals will support and help guide you and your family through any challenges that arise in your parenting journey. We believe that optimal results are achieved when all aspects of a child’s life are taken into consideration.

With a wide variety of services and therapies provided under one roof, think of our center as a “One-Stop Shop” to help children and their families get the extraordinary care they need. The Cooperman Center is the only service provider in the area that provides financial assistance so that no family in need of services will be turned away. The Center is open to the entire community regardless of faith or beliefs.

The Objectives of The Cooperman Center

    • To provide children and young adults with varying needs and abilities affordable access to treatment and therapies that allow them to realize their maximum developmental, educational, and personal potential.
    • To equip parents and caregivers with the necessary information and support to ensure a therapeutic continuum.
    • To provide education and guidance needed to build stronger families.

Services Provided Through the Cooperman Center Include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Financial Assistance

  • Individualized Family Consultation

  • Information and Referral Services

  • Mental Health Counseling and Therapy

  • Multipurpose Sensory Gym

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Parental Support, Education, and Coaching

  • Physical Therapy

  • Psychiatry and Medication Management

  • Psychological & Psychoeducational Testing

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Support Groups

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Therapeutic & Creative Expression Groups

  • Workshops

Email the Cooperman Center or call (561) 852-5099 for more information.

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