Kibbitz & Ride Program

Our Kibbitz and Ride Transportation Program is a vital part of our community. We drive seniors primarily to medical appointments, pharmacies and food shopping. Other appointments/errands will be considered based on driver availability. Not only is this a driving program, but the time the driver spends with the clients gives them companionship, conversation, and may be the only person they see that day.

Our drivers are volunteers and are reimbursed for mileage. If you are someone looking to volunteer and who wants to give back to your community, consider JFS Kibbitz and Ride. Background checks are done on drivers and a clear motor vehicle driving history is required. Monthly training/supervision meetings are an integral part of volunteer service. Contact 561-852-3333 for further information on being a part of this vital service.

CONTACT Yvette Camulli, or 561 558-2158
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