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The Adele Loeb & Les Nackman
Meals on Wheels Program

THE ADELE LOEB & LES NACKMAN MEALS ON WHEELS PROGRAM provides nutritionally balanced prepared meals to allow seniors to age in place safely for as long as possible. More importantly, participants are automatically connected to our JFS family and can access a variety of other programs and services to ENHANCE AND IMPROVE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE.

All meals are low sodium, kosher, and include a protein, two side dishes and bread and are delivered in a microwave safe container. Orders must be placed at least one week in advance. Dedicated volunteers deliver meals to home bound seniors living in south Palm Beach County.

Limited financial subsidy available to those who qualify. Payment is due at time of orders. Meals cost $7.50 each. THIS CHARGE INCLUDES DELIVERY.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the JFS Meals on Wheels Program or to volunteer, please call (561) 852-3333 or email info@ralesjfs.org.

Donations in support of this program can be made online or by calling (561) 852-3333.

Support for this program is provided by The Adele Loeb & Les Nackman Meals on Wheels Program Fund, The Jim Moran Foundation, The United Way of Palm Beach County, The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, Meals On Wheels Association of America, and private donations. All meals are prepared by the Jewish Association of Residential Care (JARC).

Grants for the Adele Loeb & Les Nackman Meals on Wheels Program have been provided by:

Jim Moran Foundation Jim Moran Foundation


CONTACT Meals On Wheels Coordinator, info@ralesjfs.org, (561) 852-3333
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