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Food and Financial Assistance

Jerome was in a rehabilitation center when his wife suddenly collapsed at home. She had suffered a stroke and passed away 10 days later. Jerome was discharged, attended his wife’s funeral and came home to a myriad of bills, no food and very limited funds. A neighbor noticed he was losing weight and looking very frail. While visiting, the neighbor called the JFS Food Pantry Coordinator and within two hours, six bags of nonperishable groceries, fresh challah, and fresh fruit and vegetables were delivered along with several Publix gift cards to buy chicken and meat. Jerome was also referred to other JFS services to help him through his time of crisis.

JFS provides a lifeline to individuals and families in crisis, providing emergency funds for basic necessities and other urgent needs. Since 1996 the food pantry had delivered bi-monthly food packages to qualified seniors, individuals and families providing much needed sustenance to those in need. Our newest program, the Caring Doctor's Project, links doctors from the community with uninsured adults between the ages of 19-64.

CONTACT 561-852-3333 for all inquiries

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