Lorraine & Dennis Udwin

Lorraine & Dennis Udwin

Lorraine and Dennis Udwin are recognized as the February 2024 Donors of the Month for their outstanding support of Rales JFS. Their journey with Rales JFS began when they were introduced to the organization by close friends who encouraged them to attend the Annual Gala. What started as a single event blossomed into a deep commitment to the Rales JFS mission.

Lorraine and Dennis are particularly impressed by their dedication to garnering every funding available from local, state and federal programs and various other sources. They admire President & CEO, Danielle Hartman, and the team’s expertise in navigating these systems.

One of the programs that is the most rewarding to their family is the meal delivery service for the homebound during Jewish holidays and Shabbat. They find participating in this program with their children to be incredibly impactful, citing the handwritten notes included with the meals as a testament to the presence of humanity within Rales JFS.

The Udwin family’s decision to make a planned gift to Rales JFS reflects their desire to ensure their support continues in line with their Jewish values. They hope to set an example for others to include JFS in their estate planning, emphasizing the simplicity of the process and the lasting impact it can have. The Udwins describe it as, “Merely a message to your family or estate planner that you wish to forever support JFS. When you’re gone, sadly the problems of the world will not go away and the people who need you now will still need you.”

Their philanthropic legacy is rooted in the values instilled by Lorraine’s grandmother and mother. Lorraine shares, “For as long as I can remember, Jewish women have been pillars in their communities to help those less fortunate whether they’re Jewish or not. Now, I’m passing down those values to my children and reinforcing them through a legacy gift. Our family motto to any endeavor has always been, ‘the more you give, the more you get’.

Outside of their philanthropy, Lorraine and Dennis are passionate about golf, keeping up with technology, visiting their three children spread across the country, and fighting anti-Semitism.

Lorraine and Dennis Udwin encourage other supporters to “Please include JFS in your long-term giving plan. Our children and our estate planners know how important JFS is to us, do yours? Make a statement by declaring your commitment now lest there be any question.”

The mission of Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) is to support anyone in South Palm Beach County who needs help, regardless of age or background. Our comprehensive programs strengthen, protect, and empower, with care and compassion. To learn more, contact 561-852-3333 or visit ralesjfs.org.