Rales JFS Provides Lifeline and Support for Family Escaping Domestic Abuse:

A Journey to Recovery and Giving Back

"After enduring a two-year-long, abusive divorce, I felt utterly lost until I discovered Rales JFS. Moving to Florida with my daughter, far from any local support as a military family, Rales JFS became our lifeline. Throughout the divorce, I managed to keep my part-time job, but a six-month unpaid medical leave was necessary to recover from two decades of domestic abuse. During this vulnerable period, Rales JFS not only helped me create a safety plan but also supported me in notifying Michigan police about potential risks when retrieving my belongings.

Post- divorce, I faced overwhelming financial challenges. Debt piled up and I had to deal with emergency dental surgery for my daughter—all while relocating to Florida without any furniture. When my daughter urgently needed $1,700 for dental surgery, Rales JFS, along with two other organizations, provided the crucial financial assistance we needed, helping me regain stability.

Despite adhering to a tight budget, I gradually returned to school, focusing on self-improvement and relying on my faith and skills. Rales JFS offered unwavering care and guidance throughout my recovery journey. Now, filled with peace and gratitude, I am eager to give back by supporting other women in similar situations. This newfound tranquility has positively influenced my daughter, inspiring her to start a baking business. As I embark on a career in real estate and property management in Florida, reminiscent of my past work in Michigan, I reflect on the pivotal support from Rales JFS with sincere thankfulness.

Are you or a friend in need of financial or domestic abuse services?

Contact Rales JFS at (561) 852 -3333 or info@ralesjfs.org.

Rales JFS Welcomes

Amy Dweck to the Board of Directors

Amy Dweck moved to Boca Raton in 2015 from Washington, DC, where she was greatly involved in the community. In Washington, she served on the Jewish Federation Board, the Board of Women’s Philanthropy, the Grants Committee for the Foundation, and was the community liaison to the MASA Israel Program.

In Boca Raton, Amy has continued her commitment to philanthropy and community service. She is a proud member of the Women’s Philanthropy Board and has held several significant positions, including the past LOJE chair of Planned Giving and Endowment for the Jacobson Community Foundation. Additionally, Amy has co-chaired the Chapter 2 Program, demonstrating her leadership and dedication to fostering community engagement and support.

Amy's contributions have not gone unnoticed. She is the recipient of the prestigious Dorothy P. Seaman Leadership Award, recognizing her outstanding leadership and service. Her work in both Washington, DC, and Boca Raton highlights her unwavering commitment to strengthening the Jewish community and supporting philanthropic initiatives.

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Declare that May 2024 is

Jewish American Heritage Month

Thank you to County Commissioner Gregg Weiss and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners for their proclamation declaring that May 2024 is Jewish American Heritage Month.

At a time of rising antisemitism when much of the Jewish community is feeling vulnerable, there is no better time to celebrate over 350 years of American Jewish history and to encourage awareness of the many Jewish contributions to our culture, military, science, economy, government, artistic life--and so much more.

Rales JFS Goes Green for

Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Rales JFS and our Behavioral Health Services hosted a "Get Your Green On" event on Thursday, May 17th. This campus-wide initiative aimed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and trauma, providing a safe space for open conversations.

The event welcomed individuals of all ages served by JFS Behavioral Services, from adults to adolescents and children. The festivities featured green-themed activities, including turning the campus fountains green, vibrant green decorations, and green refreshments. Participants enjoyed mental health education sessions, engaging games, prizes, and fun selfie opportunities, creating a lively and supportive atmosphere for all.

Additionally, we visited our local synagogues and agency partners with special green gifts in celebration of "Get Your Green On" for Mental Health Awareness Month. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm, and it was heartwarming to see so many of their staff members wearing green.

We also took our “Get Your Green On” event to Sinai Residences, where our JFS Behavioral Health clinicians have an office to provide convenient on-site counseling and psychiatric services to the seniors who reside there.

We encourage our friends and colleagues throughout the community to take photos wearing green and post the photos tagging @RalesJFS #GYGO2024 #GetYourGreenOn for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Approximately 31% of children are classified as having a disability, and a significant majority of these children have siblings. Providing support and recognition to these siblings

is essential for their emotional well-being.

Sibshops provides siblings a fun, new way to make friends, as well as have the opportunity to speak openly and honestly with others about their experiences having a brother or sister with varying needs and abilities. The groups include a lively mixture of games, activities, and guest speakers. To participate, register your child here.

On May 20th at the Weisman Center, Rales JFS clients joined us as Celebrity Chef Alan made a delicious Chicken Paella for everyone to enjoy. Through our grant with Florida Blue, we are able to have Chef Alan come and do these wonderful presentations.

He utilized ingredients available from the Jacobson Family Food Pantry, giving clients an opportunity to enjoy this meal at home. The Jacobson Family Food Pantry delivers non-perishable groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables every other week, free of charge, to those experiencing food insecurity. We also have many clients who come to shop in the pantry every other week.

For more information on services, contact Rales JFS at (561) 852 - 3333.

Families who reside within south Palm Beach County (Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Highland Beach) are eligible to receive scholarship assistance for summer camp!

– Scholarship assistance is available for ANY camp.

– Ages 3 to 18 may apply

– Day or overnight

– In or out of state

– Families must meet the financial criteria of eligibility set forth by Rales JFS

If you have questions or to check the status of a scholarship request, please contact VP of Financial Assistance, Wendy Goodman, at (561) 852-3171 or WendyG@ralesjfs.org

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Denim & Diamonds

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the Feldman Family Diamond Club at the Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center hosted a Denim & Diamonds Party. This event was a get together for our seniors to gather for lunch, entertainment, and dancing as we celebrate the start of summer.

Thank you to all who attended and/or made this event possible!

If you or a loved one, age 65 or older, would like to visit the Weisman Delray Community Center to check out all our clubs, activities, outings, interactive discussion groups, support groups, counseling offices, and more, call (561) 558-2100.

Merle Glass Recognized as May Donor of the Month

Welcome to the spotlight section of our website, where we proudly showcase our Donors of the Month. At Rales JFS, we believe in honoring those whose unwavering dedication and support have become an integral part of our mission to serve the community.

Each month, we shine a light on individuals or organizations within our Rales JFS family whose generosity and commitment exemplify the values we hold dear. Join us in celebrating these exceptional donors who embody the spirit of compassion and service, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Rales JFS recognizes Merle Glass as the May 2024 Donor of the Month for her generous support!

Merle was introduced to Rales JFS through her friend, Barbara Chankin. Merle was recently widowed and was hoping to find something to occupy her time. Barbara told Merle about the Weisman Center in Delray Beach and encouraged her to visit the center to see for herself. So, Merle decided to take a tour and learn more about what the center had to offer. Since there is no advanced registration for classes, she jumped right in and began participating in several programs. Merle shared, “At my very first visit after joining the center, I was made to feel very much at home. People came up to me and introduced themselves. I discovered people who knew some of my friends here in Florida and those I had known up North. The conversations over coffee and avocado toast are always the highlights of my visits.”

Motivated by her positive experiences, Merle felt compelled to support the center financially. “All of my experiences at the Weisman Center have motivated me to support it financially,” she affirms. She emphasizes the importance of accessibility, particularly for those unable to drive, as a driving force behind her decision to give back. Looking ahead, Merle envisions a future where the Weisman Center can continue to thrive, fostering meaningful connections for seniors and providing enriching programs and activities. “I hope that the gifts I have given now and the ones I plan to give in the future will allow the center to continue to provide all that they offer.” Her desire to see even more opportunities for community engagement and personal growth contributes directly to the continued success of the center.

Being philanthropic has always been rooted within her family values. “My husband and I have always believed in giving of our time and Tzedakah to support organizations and charities that do good deeds,” she explains, highlighting the importance of leading by example for future generations. Through her dedication to the Weisman Center and JFS, Merle hopes to instill a legacy of compassion and generosity in her children and grandchildren. Beyond her philanthropy, Merle is most passionate about her family. She cherishes their time spent and feels very lucky to have a family that is loving, kind, compassionate and generous.

In honoring Merle as our Donor of the Month, we celebrate not only her generosity but also her commitment to building a stronger, more connected community. Through her support and advocacy, Merle exemplifies the impact of individual contributions creating a brighter future for us all.

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Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) provides a comprehensive range of programs and services which support people of all ages and beliefs. With locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, JFS programs and services include food and financial assistance, senior services, behavioral health services, career and employment services and many volunteer opportunities. Funding is provided by private and corporate support, grants, special events and individuals whose generosity helps thousands in need each year. Learn more at ralesjfs.org or call 561-852-3333.