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Geriatric Assessment

Family members who struggle to care for an elder relative long distance are finding themselves at a unique disadvantage. They are not there to see firsthand what is happening and this hampers effective decision making. Locally, family members may need assistance in making decisions regarding the ability of their loved ones to live alone.

A comprehensive geriatric assessment by a well-trained, objective health care professional can help you develop a plan of action that keeps your loved one as safe, secure and independent as possible. Our professionally trained geriatric care manager will evaluate current strengths and weaknesses through an examination of your loved ones health status, functional abilities, general living situation, cognitive and emotional well-being, socialization and utilization of community services.

An individual Care Plan will be developed based on identified needs and will include but not be limited to medical care coordination, community referrals for home health aides, companions, transportation, counseling, meals and other social services.

The goal of our geriatric assessment is to help seniors maintain independent living and an active life while helping to relieve family member's anxieties.

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