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Community Awareness Resources and Education for Substance use disorders

In 2018, JFS CARES was created in response to the continued upward trend of fatalities within our area from accidental opiate poisonings. Palm Beach County recorded nearly 600 fatal overdoses in 2017 (according to a February 2018 report from Palm Healthcare Foundation). Unfortunately, this disease has claimed the lives of several young adults in our community and JFS, in partnership with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, felt like the time was right for us to address the crisis.

In an effort to meet the evolving needs of the community, JFS added a Substance Use Outreach Coordinator to its team to address the impact of substance use and related disorders on families by engaging with local spiritual leaders, professionals and educators to raise awareness and address the stigma associated with this mental health issue. The difficulty family members experience when trying to understand this illness is unparalleled. Families become riddled with shame, believing that they are responsible for what is often perceived as a moral failing.

The goal of JFS CARES is to assist families understand what recovery is for their loved ones and themselves. JFS believes that education and outreach will help develop the emotional support systems and connections families need to heal.

For additional information on JFS CARES, contact Sharon Burns-Carter, CAC,
JFS' Substance Use Outreach Coordinator at 561.852.3333 or SharonB@ralesjfs.org

Click here for a Fact Sheet & FAQs about Substance Use Disorders and Recovery.

Click here for a substance use support group information pdf.

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