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Dear Summer Camp 2019 Scholarship Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in Summer Camp Scholarship funding through JFS Center for Families & Children. All documents that are submitted for review are kept confidential.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Families whose residence is within south Palm Beach County (Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach) are eligible to receive scholarship assistance for summer camp.

• Scholarship assistance is available for ANY camp.
     - Pre-school through high school
     - Day or overnight
     - In or out of state
• Families must meet the financial criteria of eligibility set forth by JFS.

Scholarship Process:

To apply for a scholarship, please submit a Camp Scholarship Application (see download links below) along with all of the following items:

• Verification of income by pay stubs or direct deposit on bank statements
• W2 Form plus most recent IRS Tax return
• Three months of current bank statements for all checking and savings accounts
• Do not send transaction summaries. Only full bank account statements will be accepted.
• There is no deadline to apply (scholarships will continue to be awarded until all of funding has been allocated)

Click to open PDF Letter to Summer Camp Scholarship Applicants

Note: Applying does not guarantee that funding will be given. Scholarship checks will be issued to the Summer Camp your child/ren will be attending and will be mailed directly to the camp. Incomplete applications, including lack of sufficient documentation requested will not be considered for funding. Scholarship Applicant will receive financial assistance for child/ren if applicant meets JFS financial criteria of eligibility. All information must be current and accurate.

Click to open MS Word format 2019 Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Click to open PDF format 2019 Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Click to open PDF format 2019 Summer Camp Scholarship Application Assistance Checklist

If you have questions or to check the status of a scholarship request, please contact:

Shari Cohen
VP of Financial Service and Food Programs
Phone: (561)852-3171    FAX: (561)852-3332    EMAIL: Shariw@ralesjfs.org

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