JFS Connect, Special Needs Case Management for Adults

Special Needs Adult Case Management

In order to best meet the needs of the client and their family, a JFS Case Manager will provide a comprehensive in home assessment and develop a personalized care plan.

Services include (but not limited to):

      • Financial assistance
      • Information and referral to community services
      • Care coordination with outside providers
      • Education and assistance with specific needs:
          - Guardianship services
          - Life, social and personal advocacy skills
          - Accessing government benefits
          - Scheduling and following through with medical appointments
          - Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
          - Utilizing public and private transportation
      • Home visits

''As parents of a 45 year old special needs adult, having JFS provide care management services gives our family a tremendous source of comfort. Their staff of licensed and experienced professionals know just what to look for when making a home visit to a vulnerable special needs adult living in the community. JFS is the link for our family assuring us that the safety and welfare of our daughter's needs are being met.” -- JFS Client

For more information:
CONTACT:  Tzippi Rosen, LCSW, Special Needs Community Liaison/Outreach Coordinator, tzippir@ralesjfs.org or (561) 852-3333.

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