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Career & Employment Services Program Off to a Fast Start!

The Career & Employment Services (CES) program launched in late May and is already providing services to over 50 candidates, with more candidates entering the program each week.

Candidates have made good use of all the services including job coaching sessions, workshops, and success groups. Candidates are networking among each other and can often be found having a cup of coffee in the café after a group, meeting, or workshop.

Candidates requested computer training and CES has responded by adding computer classes and open times for the computer lab. Computer classes will start with the basics and build upon each other. Candidates will have the opportunity to review what they learned at previous classes as well as ask individual questions. During the open computer lab time, candidates can receive one-on-one help with resumes, job applications, or utilize the Career Gateway.

At CES, we know the secret to “you’re hired” is job-readiness. Schedule an orientation today because your success is our success!

Welcome to Career & Employment Services!

At Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services, the addition of the Career & Employment Services department is allowing us to empower our clients to reach their true potential. The old proverb of “giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day” vs “teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” inspired the development of this program.

Individuals may come in as clients, but they quickly become job candidates ready to present themselves to potential employers. During the process, candidates are encouraged to address any barriers that are keeping them stuck and benefit from support from career strategists and fellow job candidates alike. Our job candidates leave us with their own box of tools for employment, not unlike the fisherman.

We welcome you to our program. Happy fishing!


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