Tzofim Friendship Caravan - Israeli Scouts

From the moment the Tzofim came in the Weisman Center and worked fervishly unpacking, putting the set together and setting up the sound system, the staff fell in awe of their exuberance and drive. Then the 10 Israeli scouts got dressed for their performance and won the hearts of the audience in every number. They captivated us with their youth, their talent but mostly their passion for what they were doing, bringing Israeli culture to all of us. Our Caravan “Assif” was comprised of two leaders in their early twenties and ten 17 year old students who have all been involved in the scouts for many years. At the end of the show, they made Risa Demato, VP of the Weisman Center, an honorary scout complete with a kerchief from their uniform. The scouts spent the next 45 minutes schmoozing with all the audience members, taking photos and answering questions. Of course, then they spent the next hour packing up the gear and putting it all away for their next stop. We would have all followed them and watched for a second time.

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