Personal Reflections from the President & CEO

Danielle N. Hartman, MNM
President & CEO

Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety are real, common and treatable. Not all of us think about our mental health on a regular basis. May is Mental Health Month bringing attention to the importance of addressing mental health symptoms early.

When we think about cancer or heart disease, we don’t wait to treat them. We should do the same for individuals suffering from mental illness.

Often times family and friends are the first to step in to support a person through early stages. Experiencing loss of sleep, feeling tired for no reason or feeling anxious shouldn’t be ignored in hopes that they go away. There are a wide variety of treatment options ranging from therapy to peer support to medication. It may take time for a person to find the right treatment combination that works best for them. When they do, the results can be truly amazing and life changing.

It’s up to all of us to know the signs and take action early. Intervening in the beginning stages of mental illness can change and even save lives. JFS is here to assist members of our community dealing with mental illness by providing a variety of programs and services through our Counseling & Mental Health and Community Outreach Departments. Programs and services include: Individual and family counseling, a multitude of support groups, psychological testing and assessments, and medication management.

If you know of someone who may need assistance, don’t wait, contact JFS to speak with a qualified mental health professional today.


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Personal Reflections from the President & CEO

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Personal Reflections from the President & CEO

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Personal Reflections from the President & CEO

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