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JFS Launches Legacy Campaign

Our Legacy Campaign has been launched, and we will be sharing with all of you one inspiring story of a legacy gift each month. There is no better way to explain Legacy giving than in the words of our Chair of the Board, Jon Kimmel.

“The financing of JFS must be viewed in 3 separate, but equally important parts: financing for today's needs, planning the financing to support today's programs and future growth over the next 3 to 5 years and financing the long term well beyond this period.

“The needs of our agency's clients will only continue to grow, not contract. Unlike charities which find cures for diseases with the hope of going out of business one day when a cure is discovered, social service needs will never completely go away and can only grow. Statistically, we are aging as a country, and as such, the needs of the aged will increase but the number of family caregivers will not keep up the same pace which will leave more social services agencies like JFS to care for our seniors. In addition, individuals and families will always face hardship and crisis and will need a safe and loving place to turn to for help. Therefore, it follows that the needs for our agency will only be greater well down the road.

“Leaving a legacy gift can be a painless way to help toward this goal. Betty and I have decided to leave a significant gift in our estate to Ruth Rales JFS. I say “painless” because we chose to give a percentage of our estate after we both pass away. In this way, our legacy and commitment to the agency will continue long after Betty and I are able to give during our lifetime. Others may choose a different way to make their gift and there are many different choices out there.”

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the options available to make your own legacy gift. Please contact Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, JD, at CindyN@ruthralesjfs.org or via phone at (561) 852-3279.

Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service (JFS) offers help, hope and humanity through a comprehensive range of programs and services which support people of all ages and beliefs. With locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, JFS programs and services include food and financial assistance, senior services, counseling and mental health services and many volunteer opportunities. Funding is provided by private and corporate support, grants, special events and individuals who reach thousands in need each year. For more information, contact (561) 852-3333 or visit www.ruthralesjfs.org.

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