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Financial Assistance

For over 30 years Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) has provided financial assistance to individuals and families in crisis. Examples of the kind of assistance we provide include:

• Back to School Supplies • Car Insurance
• After- School Activities • Car Payment
• Tutoring/Educational Testing • Mortgage/Rent
• College Prep Services • Homeowners Ins.
Summer Camp Scholarship • Maintenance Fees
• In-Home Care • Utilities
• Medical Supplies • Hearing Aids
• Prescriptions • Clothing / eyeglasses
• Funding for Children with Special Needs • Other needs...

Lisa’s husband committed suicide after losing his job two years ago and suffering from severe depression. He left nothing for the family. Their house was in the final stages of foreclosure and their only car was two weeks away from being repossessed. Lisa was working but did not have enough funds to move or pay deposits for utilities and Lisa called JFS in sheer desperation. We obtained a mover at no cost, paid for the FPL deposit and car payment, and provided Publix gift cards to stock her refrigerator. Lisa began to receive deliveries from the Food Pantry and she and her children are now in counseling.

Jewish Education Loan Fund (JELF) Provides interest-free educational loans to Jewish students for post-secondary study at accredited institutions. 

Hebrew Free Loan Society (HFLS) Provides interest-free loans to assist individuals and families unable to secure a bank loan. Funds can be used for a variety of things including the repair or purchase of a car, home repairs, dental care, prostheses, educational classes, or other necessary expenses. A guarantor may be required.

Silverstein Fund Provides assistance to seniors that require short term in-home care services due to a recent hospitalization, rehabilitation center stay, and any other situation that would require short term in-home assistance.

Rose Golden Fund Provides assistance for basic needs, including food, shelter, car repairs and other vital support for individuals and families.

Dorothy & Irving Cooper FundProvides support for professional services for children with special needs and their families. Funds shall be used in a variety of ways including but not limited to, training of professionals and volunteers working in the field, financial assistance for adaptive equipment, camp including summer & after school, supportive shadows, respite care and behavior modification specialists & counseling services.

Viner Family Compassionate Care Program Provides financial assistance to families with dependent children who need help dealing with a temporary crisis, as well as helping the children meet their physical and social needs.

Hands on Tzedakah ("HOT") Partners with our agency to assist individuals/families who are in need of essential life sustaining assistance.

FEMA (Non-Catastrophic)Provides a one-time gift card for food for individuals and families in a crisis.

Additional financial assistance is provided by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.


CONTACT Shari Cohen, VP of Financial Services and Food Programs, shariw@ralesjfs.org , 561-852-3171
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